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ICA Podcast – Lesiba Mabitsela

The ICA’s publication Acts of Transgression: Contemporary Live Art in South Africa, published by Wits University Press, was initiated in response to a literary vacuum. Before 2019, there was no comprehensive text dedicated to Live Art in South Africa, and so there was limited discourse to speak about the politically resonant form that it takes in our country. Acts of Transgression sought to begin filling this critical gap.

The ICA Podcast extends the work begun by Acts of Transgression through conversations with the creators and curators of Live Art.

The study of Live Art has tended to rely disproportionately on Euro-American texts and discussions. The ICA Podcast makes a critical intervention into this status quo: a platform for South African artists to speak to their work, in their own words.

Episode two of Series 1 features Lesiba Mabitsela. Click here to visit the series on the ICA website.