{Re} Institute

{Re} Institute is a multi-disciplinary intervention informed by ideas around the clothed and unclothed body as a tool of resistance. This definition has been further expanded and performed through speculative methods of design by reimagining the traditional pinstriped suit through stylistic changes. The construction of the classic three-piece suit has been altered through the use of drapery made from a pattern system influenced by the shapes most prevalent in forms of African architecture, jewelry, craft and typography.

This performance intervention was performed as part of a group exhibition titled ‘The Main Complaint’ by Michaela Limberis The performance explores how the use of drapery in clothing design could be defined as a method of resistance in an attempt to re-imagine the common suit. The first goal of the performance intervention aims to illustrate such a point through identifying and disrupting the image of corporate and/or cultural African institutions who follow a strict eurocentric ‘formal’ dress code ( i.e suits and ties ), highlighting the ironies within African institutionalism. 

The second goal would be to alter an ideological and conceptual shift in how suits are designed, constructed and therefore presented. The third goal would be to inspire collective and democratic participation across existing hierarchies within institutions to re-imagine what an African institution can look like for one day as an act of decolonisation in ‘the every day’ through clothing. The artist would like to thank Zeitz MOCCA and their staff for participating in this intervention.

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